" This website officially endorses the Trumpmeister, Donald J. to be the next President of the United States. He and his team were the ONLY ones who read and communicated with us regarding issues that resonate with American citizens."

The Next Presidential Election is Very Important
This Website Will Offer You a Way to Compare

Welcome to this robust and informative website.This is for you if you are a Republican and want to be informed about each announced Republican Candidate for President and understand their positions on ALL of the major positions that could define the next President.

If you've read this far but think that Barrack Hussein Obama ( A Muslim Name *) is a good President or even a fair one then you are at the wrong site. Personally I think that he will replace Jimmy Carter as the WORST President in History. You may agree with that but still support the idea that we need a woman in the White House (not the First Lady). Then you must also believe that Hillary Clinton is the one so you want the first woman President to replace Obama as the worst President in History. A lofty Goal but not one the country can survive. It would be too much to have the first Black President followed by the first Woman President with the second topping the first for the title of Worst President Yes, the Democrats like to make history even if it destroys the country and shreds the Constitution. But dont worry....Hillary will say" What Difference Does it Make?"
Now I’m not against having a woman become the Republican President. I would love to have a Margaret Thatcher or a Golda Meir but we do have Carly Fiorina and she is a far better choice than Hillary Clinton and she’s actually honest and a former President of a major American Company. Do you think she knows how to create jobs? Look, even Bill Clinton can’t stand Hillary which is why he’s taken every opportunity to replace her since she moved into the White House and became Vegan. If you don’t like meat then Bill will go hunting on his own. “I did not have sex with that woman.”
Now back to the business of electing a President to the White House in November, 2016. As you'll notice below, I have created a Position Paper listing many changes that I would like to see the next President do. As you read through the list it can be your bench mark when asking candidates their position. Better than that, I will have every announced candidate read through the list and answer if they "agree" "disagree" or have a "comment" to add. Only the candidates will have the opportunity to view and make selections and comments. Then their results will be available for all to see. As O'Reilly says, "the spin stops here." You will be able to see who agrees with you on those suggestions that WE would like to be implemented.

But YOU will also have an opportunity to present your views as well. You can send us an email and suggest another item be added to the list. We will post your suggestion and let other viewers vote on it. If your suggestion makes the list then all candidates must present their views on it. This is YOUR site and it will grow with content and comments between now and November, 2016.This is a work in progress and all we ask is that you find the best Republican Candidate and do everything you can to see that they are elected. I will be eternally grateful. I would like the next President to achieve an honor as well. I want the next President of the United States of America to be the BEST President in history. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Then we can get our country back. Semper Fi

* "While growing up I admired an Olympic Boxer named Cassius Clay who became a Muslim and changed his name to Mohmmand Ali. Another sports favorite of mine was a Basketball player called Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. who became a Muslim and changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. There are thousands of other examples of someone becoming a Muslim and changing their name.You draw your own conclusion. "