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Are Christians and Muslims Natural Enemies?

"The next election is the most important in my lifetime"
I have a remark about the Muslim faith I hope that will service a positive purpose. My voice and comment may not be heard by many Muslim but perhaps it would be heard by someone who can do something positive to improve relationships between the Muslim and Christian faith in the name of world peace.

It's not clear to me that there are peaceful and radical Muslims because I can't tell the difference and the Muslim faith is responsible for the lack of distinction. Because I can't tell the radical element vs. the more traditional non-violent members. I must err on the side of caution and presume that all Muslim are radical. The reason for this conclusion is simply because the Qu'ran preaches violence and the elimination of Christian and Jews. As a Christian, I believe the message is clear... Muslims want to kill me and my family and they want to kill every Christian and Jew without regard for nationality, gender, race or age. To be safe, we are given the choice to abandon our faith and become a Muslim. That will never happen.

As a Christian, I practice the teachings of Christ and believe in forgiveness, love your neighbour and the freedom to choose. I don't see the same choices being given to those in the Muslim faith. No Muslim can ever become an American because they do not subscribe to an important basic tenet of the Constitution which guarantees "Freedom of Religion"

Every Muslim must accept responsibility for my mass condemnation of their faith for the following reason. If any element of the Christian religion and any clergy member were to form their own militia and teach them to go out and kill innocent women and children in the name of Christ that group would be immediately condemned and totally separated from the Christian community. Every Christian leader would condemn them and their followers and everything would be done to disband the group and change their violent behaviour and it would be done immediately. The same would happen in the Catholic and the Jewish community. Any Teacher, Minister, Cardinal, Bishop or Nun would be immediately excommunicated by the Pope and that faith would let the world know that those actions do not represent the Christian, Jewish or Catholic faith.

Where is the condemnation from the Muslim faith? When the Muslims hijack planes and kill 3,000 innocent people, strap bombs to their body and kill thousands of innocent women and children? Have the radical Mullahs been ex-communicated, criticized and removed from their faith by some higher cleric. Does the Muslim faith have a leader who can set standards for the faith and eliminate the Madrasah's where small children are brainwashed from the early age to become followers of Allah and give their lives in order to kill Jews who they refer to as Pigs. If these leaders exist, then where are they and where is the loud condemnation and separation within the Muslim faith? Failure to condemn the killing of innocent people in the name of Allah is a form of endorsement.

No major religion in the world honours leaders and teachers of their faith when they teach violence and encourage suicide bombing and the taking of innocent life as a method of gaining admittance into paradise. Take the example of a Mullah in Baghdad called Al Sadr who has a city named after him. Muslim funding for his militia and his mosque and a radical following endorsed by the Muslim faith. The Muslim faith doesn't condemn him; they actually support and encourage him. There are thousands more like him and more added all the time in the name of Allah.

I wish there was a way for me to separate those who are radical from those who are peaceful. Until the Muslim faith identifies themselves as a religion of peace and proves it by decisive action, I will presume that the radical elements truly identify all Muslims and I will do what I can to protect my family and faith from the Muslim religion. Let this word go out and let it multiply in the minds of millions of Christians and Jews who are the targets and are under constant attack, only one side will win and I know the eventual victor. May HIS return bring peace to all nations.

Facts; The Author of this article is also the Author of The Incredible Investment Book and Living a Balanced Life published by Morgan-James. He spent 22 years as a Stockbroker/Investment Banker with major Wall Street Firms and continues to be an active Business Consultant and Christian Speaker.