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New Priorities For the Next President

1) Recognizing the horrible burden of the National Debt and the cause, requires addressing one of the major causes which is the Entitlement Payments which keep increasing every year. There is an immediate need to create a solution to the intercity poverty which drains the National Treasury and enslaves millions of people in poverty. There is a solution similar to the rebuilding of Europe after WW II with the Marshall Plan and the rebuilding of Japan and Asia with the MacArthur Plan. I know how we can restore dignity to those who have grown accustomed to living on Government Welfare for generations. The greatest benefit that America can offer is to repatriate these Americans and make them productive again. I know how to do it.

2) Make America completely Energy Independent. We can do that during the Presidents FIRST term and change our economy for the betterment of the country. Become the leader in clean energy with new research.

3) Restore America's Education superiority from birth through College with the most innovative and stimulating resources from America's Technical leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond. We must train our employees to be adaptable as yesterdays jobs are gone and new employment opportunities will require retraining now and in the future. We are in an age where technology is changing everything we do on a basis never seen in History. Learning and Teaching will be a constant source for successful employment.

4) America's military will benefit from the advanced technology that will make conventional war obsolete. America's military will be able to terminate any terrorist from the safety of a bunker in America using satellite surveillance and Laser targeting. That is just the beginning as we must use the best weapons systems available to avoid War with any other country. Peace through strength will be the standard.

5) Cut off all employment to anyone who is not an American citizen unless they have a "Work Permit" legally issued by the U.S. Government. Also terminate all welfare to families that are in the U.S. Illegally and encourage them to return to the country of their birth.