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Is this Orange County based website partially responsible for a potential Donald J Trump Victory in November, 2016 ?

For Immediate Release: May 3, 2016
Contact: Charles Salisbury, (949) 910-6028 E-mail:


Ladera Ranch, CA – Time To Take Action, a California-based political website created to assist all Republican Presidential candidates select the best issues to attract votes prior to the Cleveland Convention, is revolutionizing politics by providing everyday people with the ability to interact and sway political topics and rhetoric.

Developed by Charles Salisbury, a multi-faceted businessman, ex-Marine, and holder of a Master’s Degree of Business Administration, presents and updates all the latest political information for voters to read, absorb, and formulate opinions on.

“This website is for Republicans who want to actively stay informed about each announced Republican Presidential candidate and understand their positions on all major positions,” said Salisbury. “This next election is going to be incredibly pivotal for the future of our nation. After the past presidency we just barely endured, the next president needs to not only clean up the mess, but also establish a precedent for returning our country back to the greatness and stability it once had.”

Launched in May 2015, Time To Take Action has posted 21 suggestions for the candidates to consider if they become the next President.

On the platform, Salisbury has created news releases along with the 21 detailed and extremely specific questions for advising each candidate. As users read through the list and provide their own answers, the positions are designed to spur thought and engagement for widespread motivation to stay informed and active in the election.

“My Position Paper is designed to outline what everyone should be considering when selecting the candidate they want to support,” said Salisbury. “From specifics on downsizing the EPA, to eradicating the IRS altogether, my Position Paper takes an in-depth look at the questions we should really be asking our next potential president.”

Users on Time To Take Action can signup for email alerts and updates on developing presidential stances.

Additionally, visitors are encouraged to get involved in the discussion. All users are welcome to send an email with a question recommendation. Other visitors will then be allowed to engage with the question, and if it makes the list, the candidates will have to present their views on it.

“This is a political forum created for the everyday citizen of America,” said Salisbury. “I am a retired Serviceman with nothing but pride and passion for my beautiful country. I want the people to take back what is ours this election by asking the tough questions that need to be asked. The site will continue to grow with content until November 2016, and I am asking for everyone to step up and have a seat at the negotiation table.”

So far, only the Donald J Trump campaign has stayed in touch with this website and used campaign suggestion since its launch. Based on Time To Take Action’s findings thus far, the information and question answers point to a landslide Donald J Trump victory in the General Election in November for the Donald J Trump Candidency.

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