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Either we are a country that practices the “Rule of Law” or we are not

Salisbury Enterprises January 8, 2016

After the Republican nominee has been selected, I will post all of my political conclusions on my website based upon my own common sense observations. It should be clear to every American that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly violated the law by exposing classified information through her email exposure and private server, et al. Therefore the FBI, who is investigating her many violations, MUST recommend prosecution to the full extent of the law if they reach the same conclusion and the Attorney General will then be forced to comply or face the many consequences that will result from that failure to prosecute. The Republicans with assistance from many Democrats will vote to impeach the Attorney General. If Hillary Clinton is “ Above the Law” then so is everyone else who violates the laws of our Government whatever they may be.

For starters I can envision General David Petraeus asking for complete redemption for the minor violations for which he pleaded guilty to a “misdemeanor charge for mishandling classified information.” He could, and I would encourage him to do so, ask the courts to restore him to his position as CIA Director and vacate his admission and conviction. The floodgates will open to hundreds, if not thousands, of people convicted for minor violations of Federal Laws asking for complete forgiveness and for the courts to overturn their convictions.

Again, I am just telling it as it is and let others draw their own conclusions. I am encouraged by the hundreds of new visitors to my website every day and the letters from Republican Candidates asking for validation of some on my 21 original recommendations. It does appear likely that the FBI will recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton and then it is up to the Attorney General. If the A.G. fails to bring criminal charges against Hillary then the Legislative Branches with hold an impeachment vote, which will pass, and Loretta Lynch will be impeached. Obama legacy will be tarnished and Hillary is politically finished anyway.