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Further Suggestions for Next President to Consider

1. Return John Bolton to the U.N. as Ambassador

2. Appoint Steve Forbes as IRS Commissioner to effect the change to a Flat Rate Tax for all U.S. taxpayers. Downsize the IRS and retain Tax Collection Division with minimum enforcement staff. A simplified Flat Tax should require only 10% (Estimated) of current IRS employees. Retain deduction of all interest paid on all loans and retain the depreciation schedule for income property. Old Tax code eliminated and replaced by simple % tax on all income payable by every taxpayer unit making $50,000.00 (estimated) or more annually. Corporations will have a similar flat tax rate representing a flat rate on all profits.

3. Appoint Dr. Ben Carson as Surgeon General of the USA

4. Replace the Majority Leader in the Senate through a new selection and election.

5. Overhaul the U.S. education system which shall use the latest and best technologically tested methods available to begin education at birth and continue through High School with advancement based upon achievement rather than age. The education process should be both entertaining, challenging and stimulating with adjustments made to fit the abilities of the student and adjusted to reveal their individual special talents. The current system of education is based upon manufacturing methods created by the Ford Motor Corporation over 100 years ago. It's called the assembly process and begins with raw material being processed through an assembly line eventually resulting in a finished product. Students are still educated using this method with no thought offered to the value of one part of the assembly being worth more than another. All children have different values and talents and can be educated in ways never before possible according to their talents and abilities. It's time that education keep pace with the new tools being advanced daily.