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You'll know the Real Obama after Jan. 20.2017

Salisbury Enterprises January 8, 2016

Challenging the Common Misconception About Obama I keep hearing intelligent people say Obama is not qualified to be President…He doesn’t understand the threat we face from Radical Muslims….or he doesn’t understand his role as Commander in Chief, etc. Let me give you my conclusion as I don’t believe any of those and other statements about Obama are correct. I do believe he knows exactly what he’s doing.

No President in history has encouraged a personal relationship with the Muslim Faith, celebrated so many Muslims holidays and had so many invited Muslim visitors. I believe he knows exactly what he’s doing. Based upon his Muslim connections and training as a child and his Muslim name, his Muslim Father, etc. I believe he is a man with a purpose and always has been. Deception is also a part of his grand plan. You’ve heard the expression “ If it walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck and looks like a Duck it MUST be a Duck”. Maybe that will help you understand the truth. “But”, you say. “he attended Rev Wrights Church for 20 years so he must be a Christian”. To which I respond “Deception” Prove it. And also let everyone see the record of his attendance and achievements at Columbia and Harvard. Why are those records “ NOT AVAILABLE.” I encourage you to draw your own conclusion.